Witch hunter with a man catcher


Oops… I totally thought I posted this.  I haven’t been posting much since Rose City, which is kind of insane because I’ve been very productive.  I’ve just been wrestling with some stuff that’s a lot bigger than I am.  My apologies.

Speaking of, while I was at that show, a woman asked me to draw one of her characters — a stocky Asian with a sasumata and Kabuki face paint.  That’s all the information she gave me to work with.  It wasn’t until she came by to pick up the drawing that I found out this is her new Dungeons & Dragons character.  Somehow I think that makes it so much cooler.  That’s a very personal relationship — a player and their character.

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  • kristel

    Hey there. I'm the girl who commissioned this little girl and I love her. She's in the front of my gaming folder now. Sorry I gave such a vague description. Either I tend to have an image on hand or I tend to try to make it fast and simple when commission so the artist has the freedom to decide the image. I like seeing what the artists will do. Thank you so much for drawing her. 🙂

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