Rose City Comic Con 2016

0090 Bust Like A GirlRose City Comic Con was two weeks ago and I think I’ve finally recovered.  This show is a lot like coming home for me, as it’s first year happened to be my first time trying my hand at tabling at a comic book convention.  I tend to use it as a testing ground for new concepts that I want to roll out.  It was at this show that I first tried my “Like a Girl” series — and this year I continued the trend.

I don’t really do much fan art.  Don’t get me wrong — there’s a lot of stuff out there that I love and would love to take the time to celebrate with my style, but that’s also the problem.  What do I choose to do?  And when you think about it in respects to comic conventions, there’s only so much table space I can devote to my prints.  So I’m trying something new: I’m doing con-exclusive prints.  I’ll choose something from popular culture that I want to celebrate and debut a print at a known show and once they’re gone they’re gone.  At Rose City Comic Con this year, I did Holtzmann from the 2016 Ghostbusters film.  Much to my surprise they all sold on the very first day of the con.  This piece was a lot of fun to work on.

Next up will be Geek Girl Con, and I can’t wait to show you what I have in store!

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