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    Josephine Baker

    “A violinist has his violin, a painter his palette.  All I had was myself.  I was the instrument I must care for.” -Josephine Baker 3 June 1906 – 12 April 1975 Josephine was an American-born dancer, singer, and actress.  Born…

  • Black History,  History,  Portrait

    Rosa Parks

    This year for Black History Month I’m going to highlight a different player in the steady march towards civil rights.  These women were strong and steadfast in their belief in equality, and they still have plenty to teach us today.…

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    The Gun Show is a project geared towards raising awareness of a greater need for gun safety and an even greater need to sharply decrease violence.  Artists from around the country have contributed designs for posters, which are for sale…

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    Muse Art + Design here in Portland has started to showcase local artists in one of their shop windows.  The idea is to give each artist a month to display a piece of art that measures 4′ x 4′ and…

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    Sagittarius! The archer!  Well, actually, the centaur archer, but I thought that might look kind of weird to give her a horse body as well.  She’d be kind of out of place with the rest of the lot, I think.

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    Cutie Cthulu!

    Man! Talk about one from the archives!  This is one of the first pieces I did once upon a time.  I thought I had lost this little wonder but I unearthed it while digging through files deep in my hard…

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    Demon to some. Angel to others.

    Back in October (wow, I’m really keeping current aren’t I?) my mom celebrated her birthday, so I decided to draw her a picture.  What did I draw?  Was it a sensitive portrait?  Was it a luscious landscape?  Was it a…

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    First Grade!

    Back during Halloween I came across what was probably the best costume I’ve ever seen.  I think costumes tend to go a little too adult or a little too gruesome, so this was such a breath of fresh air.  She’s…

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    Mad Maxine

    I love digging through my wardrobe and coming up with new costumes and characters.  Even more than that I love digging through someone else’s wardrobe because I can’t help but come away with new characters and inspiration.  I think I…